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Written By Annie Peace on October 25, 2013

Q: Can you give us a list of acceptable and unacceptable recyclable items?

I would be happy to provide this information! Here goes:

Acceptable materials include:

Written By Annie Peace on October 17, 2013

Q: On the Ziploc boxes it states that when clean and dry, Ziploc bags can be recycled, is this true for our recycling?

Thank for another great question! While the box says you may recycle Ziploc bags, the local recycling service does not accept plastic bags of any sort. This includes Ziploc bags, grocery bags and newspaper bags. 

Written By Annie Peace on October 3, 2013

Q: Is the Passport Program the same thing as the waiting list? What are the benefits of being a member?

Written By Annie Peace on September 26, 2013

Q: There is an interesting piece of art outside of Verna Belle’s Café by Elizabeth Layton. Can you tell us more about the artist?

Written By Annie Peace on September 19, 2013

Q: I’ve noticed a reserved parking place in the employee parking lot marked Leader of the Pack. What is the Leader of the Pack?

Written By Annie Peace on September 12, 2013

Q: Lonnie mentioned at Town Meeting that Meadowlark Hills is a PEAK Mentor Home. What does that mean?

A: Another great question that I am proud to answer because it means Meadowlark Hills continues to be leading organization. PEAK stands for Providing Excellent Alternatives for Kansas Nursing Homes. It is a program administered by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, originally created ten years ago. Meadowlark Hills has won the PEAK award several times, including most recently in 2012.  

Written By Annie Peace on September 5, 2013

Q: What is the difference between a DNR and a Living Will?

A: I guess it was time for a tough question this week!

A Living Will and a Do Not Resuscitate or DNR are both considered Advance Directives. Advance Directives are documents that provide important information on a person’s wishes in medical emergencies. These help emergency responders, nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals know, ahead of time, if a person does not wish to receive lifesaving or life prolonging procedures.

Written By Annie Peace on July 11, 2013

Q: What type of movies can be shown in Grosh Cinema?

Written By Annie Peace on July 4, 2013

Q: What type of items can I donate to the Meadowlark Hills Market?

With the Meadowlark Hills Market fast approaching this is an appropriate question!

The Meadowlark Hills Market accepts a wide variety of items such as gently-used furniture, vintage clothing, small appliances, handmade items, home décor, pictures, painting, books, records, holiday decorations, etc. The only thing we do not ask for is any clothing that was produced after 1980. We will be having clothing drive shortly after the Market and will be accepting these items at this time. 

Written By Annie Peace on June 27, 2013

Q: Is it okay to remove barn swallow’s nests?

Again, thank you for the diversity of questions submitted. I learn from each one. 

Although the barn swallow can create quite a mess, it is actually illegal to remove their nests. The following is what I have learned about these creatures and their nests: