Frequently Asked Questions

Over 200 residents live in our independent living apartments and cottages, 40 residents in assisted living, 130 residents in our healthcare households, and 16 in our Home Plus locations. Meadowlark employs approximately 500 employees.

In 1998, the Meadowlark Foundation was formed to provide charitable support to Meadowlark Hills. A 15-person board is responsible for fundraising efforts.

For more information about the Meadowlark Foundation and how you can contribute, see the Giving section.

Meadowlark Hills is owned and operated by Manhattan Retirement Foundation, an independent not-for-profit corporation. Manhattan Retirement Foundation also oversees the operations of the Meadowlark Foundation.

Meadowlark Hills and the Meadowlark Foundation are managed on a day-to-day basis by persons directly employed by the Board of Trustees.

Our  Board of Trustees  is composed of a minimum of three current Meadowlark Hills residents (who are selected by fellow residents) and one representative from each of Meadowlark Hills' six sponsoring churches. The remainder of the Board consists of members-at-large from the community who are chosen by the Board.

In simple terms, the business philosophy that drives Meadowlark's not-for-profit status enables us to put our surplus back into operations, rather than pay out profits in dividends.

More importantly, our not-for-profit status represents a philosophy of care, demonstrating our commitment to providing the best in services and a seamless continuum of care for our residents. Our high standard of care directs every decision made here at Meadowlark.