Bea Rasmussen, resident

We were afraid ‘senior living’ would mean year after boring year of watching the calendar change and worrying about deteriorating health...not at Meadowlark Hills!! Here we have a myriad of opportunities for continued personal growth and increased self worth. We in the independent living area are also largely self governing. Our health is holistically and preventatively addressed. Exercise is promoted, but so is health of the mind and soul. We have to carefully select from the many opportunities to avoid over-commitment. Services are provided not only by a staff of professionals in their areas, but personally and with genuine concern for the resident. Our children and grandchildren are relieved that we have made our own decision, avoiding a move later in life and enjoying a great place to live in the meantime. The principal reason we live at Meadowlark Hills is that they are accredited in management of Parkinson's disease. Don has PD and various therapies address the many symptoms. We credit them with extending Don's life several years. All this in an outstanding college atmosphere. The senior living fear has given way to mature years' enthusiasm.