Marilyn Ray, resident

I had always heard Meadowlark Hills is for older adults, but when I moved in, I found out Meadowlark Hills keeps us young.

Sandra Emley, resident

We love living at Meadowlark Hills, as it has simplified our life significantly. We can close up the apartment and go to visit friends or family, or just leave on a trip and not worry about leaving things behind. It has actually been a wonderful social experience as well. We love the diversification, not only in residents, but making friends with the employees as well.

Kay Shanks, resident

For me, we’re a family. Meadowlark Hills is home.

Donna Alexander, resident

There are many reasons I love living at Meadowlark Hills: friendly residents and staff; easy access to friends in a variety of levels of care; excellent food services; exercise classes; Meadowlark Singers; a variety of performances to attend; programmed events; and parties. Perhaps the most important is the security of knowing that whatever the future brings in regards to health care, Meadowlark Hills can handle it. We are HOME!

Charles & Lois Deyoe, residents

We have met new people who have had diverse backgrounds and have found them to be new friends which we can share our experiences with.

Sue Bayer, resident

I LOVE the people that live at Meadowlark Hills. We are all different but similar, and that makes for a great place to live.

Bea Rasmussen, resident

The principal reason we live at Meadowlark Hills is that they are accredited in management of Parkinson's disease. Don has PD and various therapies address the many symptoms. We credit them with extending Don's life several years.

Rae Stamey, resident

On any week night we may often be found joining several friends for pre-dinner drinks and conversation in the Pub at Meadowlark Hills. To us, the most satisfying feature of this evening routine is seeing how it has integrated new or lonely residents into a fuller Meadowlark Hills life. The Pub at Meadowlark Hills is a friendly, casual gathering place where everyone is welcome.

Family member

Meadowlark is alive. That was obvious from the moment we walked in the door.

Meadowlark Hills staff member

I am truly humbled and honored to have the opportunity to be a part of Meadowlark Hills.