Charles & Lois Deyoe, residents

Our appreciation for Meadowlark Hills began several years ahead of the decision to move here. We knew about it and its activities through friends and former colleagues. They discussed their good experiences and the involvement with the staff to make changes and improvements to make it a great community for retirees. We had helped family members and friends who had made choices as to where they spent retired years and Meadowlark Hills had many things which we wanted as we compared our choices. It was in a friendly community that we knew. We would have continued access to many events available through Kansas State, sports and cultural (McCain). Friends were here. Our Church was here and we maintained and continued involvement in programs that we were involved in. We had had many activities and contacts broadly in the U.S. and in other countries and had done those things from Manhattan, KS. And we wanted access to medical facilities that we needed as we aged. Those things and others we found available as residents in Meadowlark. We have met new people who have had diverse backgrounds and have found them to be new friends which we can share our experiences with. And lastly, the staff at Meadowlark Hills is friendly, helpful and great to interact with.