Meadowlark Foundation

Private, resident-directed living. A beautiful campus. First-rate, on-campus medical care. The Meadowlark Foundation makes all of this possible.

A not-for-profit charitable organization, the Foundation is dedicated to the continued growth and excellence of Meadowlark, by providing opportunities for private giving to further the person-centered mission of Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community. Through the generosity of our residents, their loved ones, and members of the local community, Meadowlark creates the irreplaceable feeling of home. These supporters, like us, feel that this supportive, welcoming environment is one of the utmost priorities for our community and our future.

The Foundation’s work allows the Meadowlark Hills campus to keep up with changing technologies and modern amenities. By donating now, you are helping to ensure that Meadowlark will be just as impressive in 20 years as it is today, and will be an incredible home for you and those you love in the future.


Becky Fitzgerald, Development Director