Board of Trustees

2022-2023 Meadowlark Board of Trustees

The Manhattan Retirement Foundation Board of Trustees serves as the governance for our 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Its key responsibilities are: to lead the strategic vision of Meadowlark; to serve as a fiduciary on behalf of the organization, ensuring that all laws and policies of the organization are upheld; and to make certain that the organization fulfills its mission of providing homes, services, and quality of life for seniors in the community and surrounding area.

More specifically, the Board is responsible for approval of the annual operating and capital expenditures budgets, and monitoring financial performance and quality. The Board is also responsible for the selection, hiring, retention, resourcing, and managing of the President and CEO of Manhattan Retirement Foundation, who serves as the Board’s agent in executing its strategy.

Manhattan Retirement Foundation operates as a community-owned, not-for-profit organization to ensure that all service needs identified as feasible are made available to seniors in the community, and more importantly, that those without resources are taken care of as well.

The full Board meets four times per year. Additionally, the Board has three working committees that closely monitor how the mission of the organization is effectively carried out. 

The Board is comprised of members who represent each of its founding churches, residents, and community members.

Meadowlark is a very complex organization, and service on the Board of Trustees takes significant commitment, but those who volunteer their time and energy find it to be incredibly rewarding on a personal level and crucial to our having a healthier, greater community.

Board Members

Ross Grynkiewicz, Chair

Brett Parise, Vice-Chair

Patrick Schutter, Secretary

Mark Bachamp, Past Chair

John Cook

Paul Dittmar

Ronnie Grice

Rev. James Hawley

Bill Lansdowne

Nyle Larson

Jo Lyle

Karen Matthews

Amy Payne

Jessie Piper

Kay Stith

Ronald Williams