Current Funds & Projects

Good Samaritan Fund

The Good Samaritan Fund was established shortly after Meadowlark Hills opened. The original and continued purpose of the fund is to assist residents, who have depleted their resources in healthcare, to continue receiving the same quality of service, care, and life enhancement as those with means still available. The fund provides assistance in offsetting the financial gap between private pay and government assisted program re-imbursement. Currently, the cost to provide care to those without financial resources totaled $1.5 million. These funds go directly into resident care and services. Currently, we have both an expendable fund (for immediate needs in charitable care) and an endowed Good Samaritan Fund. Most gifts to the fund come through memorials established by families, friends, and fellow residents. You may select which to support. Otherwise, all memorial gifts go to the expendable fund for immediate use. 

Helping Hands Fund

The mission of the Helping Hands Fund is to provide staff members with help in relieving personal hardship and/or financial duress. The Helping Hands Fund promotes a healthy and productive work environment by providing a self-support system for staff by staff.

Meadowlark is enriched by the individual talents and contributions of its employees. The Helping Hands Fund is a resource for our employees to continue their important contributions in their area of expertise.

  • All Meadowlark employees are eligible.
  • The distribution can be made confidential if that is the desire of the recipient.
  • To apply for assistance from the Helping Hands Fund, contact Human Resources at (785) 323-3893 or e-mail the office.
  • The fund provides for critical incidents of medical or family hardships.
  • Gifts can be made to the fund through a payroll deduction (employees visit the Human Resources office) or with a check made payable to the Meadowlark Foundation (please include Helping Hands Fund in the memo line).

Meadowlark Parkinson’s Program

The Parkinson’s Program Fund allows the organization’s leaders to provide services to improve the quality of life for all those affected by Parkinson’s disease in the Flint Hills region: patients, caregivers, therapists, and nurses. With this fund, they are able to continue and expand opportunities for education, outreach, and scholarships for medical purposes.

Every August, the Meadowlark Parkinson’s Program hosts the Speedy PD 5k/10k Race for Parkinson’s disease and each April, the program hosts Pig Out for Parkinson's. All proceeds from both events support the program.

Household Gifts

Give a gift, financial or in-kind, to a specific household for future projects! Your gift will be designated to the household of your choice. When a special project utilizes donated funds, the donors will be contacted upon completion.