Meadowlark Hills staff member

I did a referral/screen almost a year ago for a young couple. The wife at 47 years-old had had a stroke and brain aneurysm. At that time, we couldn’t meet her needs. A few months ago, I was called again by her husband who had to bring her to another facility here in Manhattan. He had concerns with her care and really wanted her to be at Meadowlark Hills, no matter what we had available. He toured Sloan House and was interested in what we had. I went to see her. To be honest, it was very uncomfortable. She sat up in a chair, her hair wild and disheveled. All she can move is her eyes and they stared back at me with panic and fear. We were not introduced, and the staff person walked in and turned her music up loud saying she likes it like that and all the while she was following me with her eyes. I thought to myself, Meadowlark Hills can do better than this for her.

So this last Friday, I was touring people in Sloan House and ran into her husband. He was bringing her out of the house. She had her hair fixed and makeup on, and when looking at her face, I am sure I saw a smile in her eyes. Her husband had an adoring look on his face.

I went into Sloan House and was talking to a few gals about how wonderful they looked and how pretty she looked. They said her husband participates in all cares and even though she is “heavy care,” that she is very easy to care for.

There is no amount of money that could ever replace the difference we have made to this couple. There are so many stories like this one and I am truly humbled and honored to have the opportunity to be a part of Meadowlark Hills.