Sue Bayer, resident

We love our Prairie Cottage that we still call a duplex. It is extremely cozy, and the view of the pasture, pond and cattle never cease to amaze us. 

When we have a problem, we have awesome maintenance people that fix the problem. We only have to ask once and they are there for us. We do not have to worry about the lawn or snow removal in the winter. How old do you have to be to NOT enjoy yard work or shoveling snow? We were in our early 70s when we took care of that decision and moved to Meadowlark Hills.

As Independent Living residents at Meadowlark Hills, we truly are independent and can come and go as we choose. When we leave town, we just let the Hospitality Desk know and they will have someone check our house as many times as we ask for. 

We belong to the Tuttle Creek Neighborhood, as we are all part of a neighborhood somewhere at Meadowlark Hills. We enjoy the once-a-month dinner to catch up with everyone.

There are so many activities available that we could be doing something every single moment of every single day, but because we are in Independent Living, we still keep a very active life in the local community. I belong to the Meadowlark Singers and it is amazing to be part of a group like this. I think everyone is totally blown away when they hear the chorus at the weekly practice session or at any performances we do. It is so much fun to sing and LAUGH!!

My husband, Max, seems to not want to miss his monthly Men's Club luncheon and tells me of the interesting programs.

Did I mention the Prairie Star Restaurant? When we first moved to Meadowlark Hills, the food tasted and looked like nursing home food, BUT we love the excellent chef we have, his variety of menu and the wonderful people that serve us. They really care and will do anything to please us. It is a public restaurant and anyone is welcome. It is a joy to invite our friends and relatives to join us for a meal.

The coffee is always on somewhere and if I am on the way to a meeting, gathering, the library (which is very good), Bible study or chorus, I can always grab a cup and visit with someone interesting (staff or resident) or just take a cup with me! 

I LOVE the people that live at Meadowlark Hills. We are all different but similar, and that makes for a great place to live.