Rae Stamey, resident

On any week night we may often be found joining several friends for pre-dinner drinks and conversation in the Pub at Meadowlark Hills. We will be seated at a table and capably served by a bartender who presides over a beautiful, antique mahogany bar, which is older than any Meadowlark Hills resident. Our fellow customers are mostly other Meadowlark Hills colleagues, but frequently younger people such as off-duty employees, relatives of residents and friends from the Manhattan community will join the group. To us, the most satisfying feature of this evening routine is seeing how it has integrated new or lonely residents into a fuller Meadowlark Hills life. Our own list of acquaintances and friendships has also grown. Conversation is lively and virtually never controversial. Drinks are reasonably priced and include nonalcoholic beverages, the usual any-bar-anywhere fare, and often an exotic-sounding drink of the week. The Pub at Meadowlark Hills is a friendly, casual gathering place where everyone is welcome.