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Written By Annie Peace on June 19, 2013

A few weeks ago I answered a question about where I had been while I was out of the office and what I had been working on. I explained the work I have been doing in writing a manual and recently giving a presentation with Pam Kramer, the President of ITP International Inc. Pam is a successful performance consultant, career specialist and executive coach with a master's degree in Counseling in Career and Organizational Development.

Written By Annie Peace on June 6, 2013

Q: Why are bananas curved?

A: Thank you for the light-hearted questions. I enjoyed the research, and now I know a bit about bananas. Here is what I discovered in my research.

Bananas are curved due to a phototropic chemical in their makeup called Auxin, which is an important part of the way plant organs are shaped. In particular, the banana fruit grows upward and inward due to Auxin's attraction to the sun, causing its familiar curved shape.

Written By Annie Peace on May 30, 2013

Q: Annie, you were out of the office the last week for a few days, what were you up to?

A: Thank you for noticing. I was invited to speak at a leadership conference in California, over the leadership program I have been co-writing.

Written By Annie Peace on May 15, 2013

Q: The loss of the speed bump this winter at the Meadowlark Hills entrance from Kimball Avenue has been a “blessing in disguise.” Are all of the speed bumps really necessary?

Written By Annie Peace on May 9, 2013

Q: What are the responsibilities of the new role created in the households?

A: The new role in the households is being called “Enrichment Specialist.” 

The role is designed to increase and exceed our standards for care, especially focused in the areas of cleaning and life enhancement. Our goal is to hire trained caregivers that are Certified Nursing Assistants so while working in this new role they are also an equal participant in the team. With the addition of the roles the Household teams have written new standards for both cleaning and housekeeping. 

Written By Annie Peace on May 1, 2013

Q: Who makes up the Meadowlark Hills Board of Trustees?

A: The Manhattan Retirement Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of members who represent each of its founding churches, residents, and community members recruited by the Nominating and By-laws committee. 

The full Board meets bi-monthly in the months of January, March, May, July, September and November. Additionally, the Board has six working committees that closely monitor how the mission of the organization is effectively carried out. 

Written By Annie Peace on April 18, 2013

Q: Who handles the recycling service near the kitchen entrance? It is a great service and they deserve a big ‘thank-you.’ I think more people should recycle.

Written By Annie Peace on April 11, 2013

Q: Will residents and staff be able to cast a 'final vote' for the CEO candidate?

A: We have concluded our interviews with the three finalists. The candidates are Lonnie Baker, Matt Loyd and Valerie McGhee. 

Written By Annie Peace on March 21, 2013

Q: Who was responsible the improvements of the Meadowlark statue and the sign at the Kimball Avenue entrance? 

Written By Annie Peace on March 14, 2013

Q: Is there someone at Meadowlark Hills that can help me with my taxes, including getting my documents together?

A: Meadowlark Hills Finance team is not able to offer tax advice or assistance. However there is a great FREE community resource. AARP Tax-Aide volunteers are at the Senior Center until April 12. To make an appointment and find out what documents you need to bring, call 537-4040.