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Written By Annie Peace on May 28, 2015

Q: Annie, with your change in role, who will be answering the questions submitted to the box at the Hospitality Desk?

Thank you for your question. This will be the last edition of Ask Annie, but have no fear. Your questions will be received in the very capable hands of Sarah Duggan, Community Relations Director. I have enjoyed researching and answering your questions and although my focus will be shifting, I look forward to the interesting topics you will bring up to Sarah. Thank you for your interest and for your questions, please keep them coming to Sarah.


Written By Annie Peace on April 23, 2015

Q: How often do we check alarm pull cords?

Written By Annie Peace on April 2, 2015

Q: Do we need to recycle land line telephones and televisions?

Written By Annie Peace on March 12, 2015

Q: We had a day that our trash did not get picked up?

I spoke with Mike Davis, our Environmental Services Leader, and he assures me this was a random occurrence. He has spoken to our trash providers and the situation remedied. Our Environmental Services team picked up the trash in the meantime on the missed day. Regular trash pick-ups are every Monday morning, and you are encouraged to place your trash on the curbs the night before. Thanks for another great question and please keep them coming.


Written By Annie Peace on March 5, 2015

Q: We have a male cardinal who keeps flying off a bush next to the house and bumping up against a nearby window.  The question is why is he doing that? Is he trying to attract a mate or just showing off? Or, seeing his own reflection in the glass? He goes through this routine for at least 15 minutes twice a day.

Written By Annie Peace on February 19, 2015

Q: I heard all of our bees died.  Is that true?

Written By Annie Peace on February 12, 2015

 Q: Who won the Not-So-Newlywed game?

Written By Annie Peace on January 15, 2015

Q: How does Meadowlark Hills decide which driveways to replace? 

Written By Annie Peace on January 8, 2015

Q: What happened to Sunday Brunch? Are we going to have one anytime soon? 

Thank you for a perfect question. We will have three coming up in the very near future, one on Feb. 8,a pre-Valentine’s Day brunch, one the March 15, as we march back in toward spring, and then one on April 5, for Easter Sunday. Thanks again for a great question and please keep them coming!



Written By Annie Peace on December 23, 2014

Q: Please give us tips for avoiding scams? 

 Unfortunately, this is a timely request. This time of year there is an increase in the number of scams. There are warning signs to these scams. If you hear these or similar lines, be alert that it is likely a scam: