Ask Annie!

By Annie Peace on September 19, 2013

Q: I’ve noticed a reserved parking place in the employee parking lot marked Leader of the Pack. What is the Leader of the Pack?

Another great question! The Meadowlark Hills Human Resource team has reinvented the Leader of the Pack program. Leader of the Pack is an employee recognition program designed to allow staff members to nominate fellow co-workers that exhibit exceptional leadership, teamwork and dedication to Meadowlark Hills. Many individuals are nominated and a committee of employees deliberate to decide who deserves the award. The recognition of Leader of the Pack occurs monthly. 

The employee selected for this honor receives a $25 Meadowlark Hills gift card, a free car wash from the Bubble Wash and a reserved parking spot of their choice for the month (employee parking lot only). 

For the month of September Alana Johnston, the Director of Nursing Services, was selected as Leader of the Pack for her excellence in resident care, her commitment to give her best and then go home and take care of her kids and her exceptionally positive attitude. She has a willingness to learn from others, to grow and is not afraid to challenge others to do the same. Alana deserves to know she is doing a great job and that she is valued by those around her! 

The person nominating remains confidential and you can submit nominations as often as you like, and for as many employees as you would like. Residents can nominate individuals for Leader of the Pack by dropping off a letter to the Human Resource office, across from Verna Belle’s Café or emailing Christina Strange, at Please indicate the person you would like to nominate and the reason behind the nomination. 

Thanks for the great question, and please keep them coming!