Ask Annie!

By Annie Peace on September 12, 2013

Q: Lonnie mentioned at Town Meeting that Meadowlark Hills is a PEAK Mentor Home. What does that mean?

A: Another great question that I am proud to answer because it means Meadowlark Hills continues to be leading organization. PEAK stands for Providing Excellent Alternatives for Kansas Nursing Homes. It is a program administered by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, originally created ten years ago. Meadowlark Hills has won the PEAK award several times, including most recently in 2012.  

Recently, Kansas State University has been contracted through Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services to overhaul the PEAK program. The overhaul is being referred to as PEAK 2.0. As a part of the new program, four award winning homes were selected to be “Mentor Homes.” Their purpose is to provide resources to other organizations to help them improve and/or expand the services they deliver.  Meadowlark Hills is one of the four organizations at the top Mentor level in the program.

In addition to recognition for homes that have reach a minimum level of achievement in person-centered care, PEAK 2.0 also incorporates a tiered financial incentive package to encourage homes to begin and/or continue to pursue this model of care. As a Mentor Home, we are helping others achieve these standards. 

Meadowlark Hills also receives other benefits from our role as a Mentor Home. Not only do we receive a financial incentive, we get to be in a teaching relationship and collaborate with other homes and learn from each other.

This last week Meadowlark Hills hosted a one-day PEAK experience in our classroom, along with K-State Center on Aging staff. Staff members from three visiting facilities attended, approximately fifteen guests spent the day at Meadowlark Hills learning our culture. The topics we cover as a part of the experience are the following: person-centered care, resident choice, staff empowerment, creating a home environment, financial structure, systems, and meaningful life. The guests spent time in the houses asking questions and observing. 

For more details on the program, visit Thanks for the great question, and please keep them coming!