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Written By Annie Peace on January 16, 2014

Q: Why is the lid on the recycling dumpster by Assisted Living entrance locked? It would be more convenient if I could throw all of my recyclables in there at once instead of having to do it a handful at a time.

Written By Annie Peace on January 9, 2014

Q: I’ve noticed a new vehicle parked in the facility parking lot. Did Meadowlark Hills purchase a new bus?  

We did recently purchase an additional bus. The purchase was made in response to the increase in outings, especially in the Healthcare Households and due to the age of our other buses. The bus has capacity for 12 people, including two places for wheelchairs. We now have a total of three buses. This was a great question to remind me of how wonderful our Transportation Team is! They are hardworking, responsive and enjoyable to work with. 

Written By Annie Peace on January 2, 2014

Q: How does the Farmer’s Almanac predict the weather?

I have wondered that myself. The Farmers’ Almanac weather predictions are based on a secret mathematical and astronomical formula. Developed in 1818, by David Young, the Almanac’s first editor, this formula takes many factors into consideration, including sunspot activity, moon phases, tidal action, and more. This carefully guarded formula has been passed along from calculator to calculator and has never been revealed.

Written By Annie Peace on December 12, 2013

Q: What is the history of Mistletoe?

Written By Annie Peace on December 5, 2013

Q: What is the proper way to dispose of glass?

Written By Annie Peace on November 21, 2013

As I mentioned at November Town Meeting we will have some upcoming changes in our recycling service. For the last 10 years, Meadowlark Hills has been able to offer recycling services at no additional charge due to the effort of a wonderful volunteer. Kim Ensley, a long-term employee has volunteered to provide recycling services that included curbside pickup for a number of years. Now, after many years of service, Kim will be shifting her focus a bit. She will continue to provide recycling services for Miller Place and Tinklin Pointe, where she currently works.

Written By Annie Peace on November 21, 2013

Q: Is there someone on campus that would be willing to help me wrap gifts?

We have had this request in the past, so to plan ahead, the wonderful Hospitality Staff would like to announce their newest service provided: gift wrapping! 

Written By Annie Peace on November 14, 2013

Q: Some of us were recalling that a few months back, we had a food survey. What happened with that and if that information was to be used, then we are wondering how?

Written By Annie Peace on November 7, 2013

Q: Can you walk us through the procedure for reserving a meeting or dining room, making arrangements for food, technology support, housekeeping needs, etc?

Great question. We are fortunate to have many wonderful options for conference, dining and worship areas for gatherings on campus. I can walk you through the process now that Liz Birk, the Hospitality staff Receptionist, walked me through. 

Written By Annie Peace on October 31, 2013

Q: Is there a place on campus where we can dispose of prescription and over the counter drugs?

This is a great question. It is important that we all dispose of medications properly and do not flush medication down the toilet or throw them in a trash can without taking additional measures.