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Written By Annie Peace on April 9, 2014

Q: After Kinzie Jo’s energetic performance at Town Meeting, some of us were wondering—what does she eat for breakfast?

What a fun question and after her energizing and award-winning performance at Town Meeting I am also curious. Here is what Kinzie wanted to share about what she eats for breakfast and how she is always so full of energy.

Written By Annie Peace on April 3, 2014

Q: Why are the large garbage and recycling bins outside, behind the kitchen area, not covered?  It seems like a lot of trash blows out during the day and night allowing trash to go all over the campus (especially in the area of the medical clinic).  

Written By Annie Peace on March 27, 2014

Q: Can residents be updated on the beneficiary for the Employee Jeans Day each month?

Each month employees have the opportunity to support a local philanthropy by donating a minimum of $1 to the chosen cause on the designated “Jeans Day.” Everyone who makes a donation on the designated day may wear jeans to work that day, hence the name “Jeans Day.” This initially started about a year and a half ago to support a fellow employee who was battling Leukemia. Each month, a new beneficiary is chosen to be the recipient of the money raised through these Jeans Days.

Written By Annie Peace on March 6, 2014

Q. Each year Easter seems to fall on a random Sunday. How is this Sunday determined?

This is a great question as Easter seems to sneak up on us every year no matter how early or late it falls!

Written By Annie Peace on March 3, 2014

Q. What was your favorite academic class ever taken?

What a fun question to consider! I am fortunate to have taken many wonderful courses. I have had wonderful teachers throughout my studies. 

Written By Annie Peace on February 20, 2014

Q: Do we have federal and state guidelines for when to lower the flag to half-staff? If so what are the guidelines and who ensures we are following them here at Meadowlark Hills? 

Written By Annie Peace on February 13, 2014

Q: I find the hallways to be hot, even on warm days. This concerns me, not only due to my comfort, but also from an economic stand point. The service stairways are often blasting hot. Why is this and how can it be fixed?

Written By Annie Peace on February 6, 2014

Q. What is the history of Groundhog Day and how accurate has this prediction been in the past?

With all of the hype around the Super Bowl, many of us had forgotten about Groundhog Day this past Sunday. With the recent accumulations of snow it should come with no surprise that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and we are in store for another six weeks of winter!

Written By Annie Peace on January 30, 2014

Q. I have heard about a recognition event Meadowlark Hills is throwing for employees. How are employees recognized at this event?

The event is right around the corner! This year’s Annual Employee Recognition Event is coming up the end of February.

Every year we host an event to show appreciation to all of our employees for their years of service to Meadowlark Hills. 

All employees are invited to attend and partake in the evening’s festivities to thank them for all of the hard work they have done in the past year. 

Written By Annie Peace on January 23, 2014

Fred Daniels’ Celebration of Life