Our Community Culture

What is it like to live at Meadowlark Hills? Find out from the people who know it best—the ones who live, work and love it here! Our residents, families, stakeholders and staff members share their experiences of Meadowlark Hills and how our person-directed care has changed their thoughts on what it means to age.

Community Perspectives

  • Family is My Life by Polly Ferrell

    "This new family is unique. Each person comes from a different Lifetime Family and yet together we create another relationship – The Meadowlark Hills Family."

  • Meadowlark Hills by Carol Hoerman

    "Never have we seen so much caring and helping people with goals for returning good health and spirit. Marvelous people! Marvelous Meadowlark!"

  • Meadowlark Living by Bill Stamey

    "Rae and I take the Meadowlark culture for granted because we have been living it and enjoying it for these eight years. When we give ourselves an opportunity to think about our situation, we readily recognize how fortunate we are."

Staff Perspectives

  • I Want to Live There, Mom! by Robin Irvin

    "It’s amazing, humbling, and exciting for me as I get the privilege of being part of such a wonderful community that values so greatly the individuals who call it “home.” It does feel like home, and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!"

  • A New Understanding by Mattie King

    "The culture here at Meadowlark Hills is one of kindness, inclusivity, and that values individuality."

  • Working in a Healthcare Household by Christina Strange

    "I’m incredibly grateful for the relationships I’ve been able to build with many of the people that live and work at Meadowlark Hills, and I’m also grateful for the opportunity to see how these bonds strengthen over time in the lives of the residents and staff members."