For Medical Professionals

An Introduction to Meadowlark’s Resources

We know you have a lot on your plate with so many people to care for, especially seniors who have unique health and wellness concerns.

We created this section of our website to help you share valuable information on the aging process with your patients and their families. Here we provide you with resources geared toward you, as well as information on services and programs that may be of interest to your patients.

We also offer a binder with hard copies of these materials, plus hand outs for your patients. If you would like to request a copy of the binder for your office, please contact us.

Resources for Medical Professionals

  • Sending Patients to Bramlage House

    Bramlage House is a transitional care facility that provides recovery and rehabilitation services. It’s located at the Meadowlark Hills campus in Manhattan. Our in-house staff provides continuing recuperation support, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy as needed....

  • About Our Parkinson’s Program

    A Health and Wellness Program for Seniors Coping with Parkinson’s Disease Each year, approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Patients who receive individualized care from a comprehensive team of specialists can experience a better quality of life, according to the...

  • About Our Memory Program

    A Health and Wellness Program for Seniors Coping with Memory Loss Chronic and cognitive health conditions are among the chief health concerns for seniors. As a medical professional, your treatment is critical in your patients’ prognosis. But the time you have available for each individual patient...

  • Talking with Patients about Home Health Services

    One of the biggest concerns facing seniors is the prospect of losing their independence. This can be triggered by a surgery, fall, change in medical condition, or simply a decrease in stamina that can come with aging.

  • Working with Patients at Meadowlark Hills

    Patients can develop deep trust with physicians and medical professionals, especially those who have provided care for them for years. But what happens if they move to a retirement community with its own medical staff? Your patients may be hesitant to start over, trying to build the same openness...

  • Helping Seniors Transition to Long-Term Care

    As a medical professional, you are in a unique position to hear about the concerns and changes happening with your older patients. As you know, some changes may require medical intervention. Other changes may point to a need for the patient to make significant lifestyle changes, the most...