Meadowlark Myths

What’s it like to live at Meadowlark Hills? There are a lot of myths out there, like you don’t get a say in how things are run. Not true! Here, we take a look at some common myths to help separate fact from fiction!

Finances can be tough to talk about. We have a lot of different living options at different price points, and we do a financial review with prospective residents to make sure they understand their options. We want to help you match your goals and living arrangement to your budget. And you’ll always control your own assets! We never ask people to turn over belongings to us.

We have lots of programs and services that are available to the community, including Manhattan, Junction City, Wamego and even Topeka. We offer home health care and physician’s services, as well as a Passport program that lets you access our on-campus amenities. We also have dining options that are open to the public!

Everyone has a voice at Meadowlark! This is central to our culture. Our Resident Council is made up of elected members from our different neighborhoods and households. They meet monthly, relay information to their neighbors, and share input. For example, if we remodel part of campus, members have input on décor and finishes. Residents also sit on our Board of Directors and Board of Trustees, along with members from the Manhattan community and local churches.

Update on Visitor Policy: During this time of COVID-19 precautions, Meadowlark is not accepting visitors in any area of campus. Families and friends are encouraged to connect with their loved ones through the use of technology, such as phone calls, texts, emails, and video chats.

Stay Connected with Meadowlark: Learn about updates and response efforts in regards to COVID-19 safety by following Meadowlark on Facebook (@meadowlarkmhk) and/or visiting our COVID-19 Updates page on the website.

Barring a pandemic, you are encouraged to come to campus! At Meadowlark, we expect families and friends to be part of our community. Invite loved ones to visit and enjoy the nature trail, courtyard, movie theater, billiards room and so much more together! We even offer guest accommodations for visitors.

Far from it! There is so much to do at Meadowlark and many of our residents are extremely active. We have an incredible number of activities and social gatherings, so residents can enjoy as much or as little as they wish.

Volunteer at an event, watch a movie, grab a book from the library, gain encouragement in a support group, have a beer in the pub, go shopping with friends, break a sweat in an exercise class, worship throughout the week, go bird watching at the pond, hike the trail, take a class, have an adventure to an exciting destination with a Meadowlark group. If you can think of something else you’d like to do, chances are, you can do it with Meadowlark!

We also offer services throughout the community to help individuals who are aging at home. We truly believe in our person-centered approach and it shows in everything we do!

A lot of people think this, but our residents often say they wish they had moved here sooner! That’s because we offer so many amenities and activities, without the worry of maintenance and upkeep. You have to be at least 62 to live here (although you can take advantage of our Passport program even sooner) and can do as much or as little as you wish, with support if you ever need it.

Food is a big part of life. People want to have a variety of food available that tastes great. That’s why we have several options for residents: Prairie Star Restaurant for served meals, Verna Belle’s Café for casual fare, and kitchens and dining rooms in our healthcare households for your own kitchen atmosphere.

When you move to Meadowlark, it’s not like renting an apartment. We can customize finishes to your specifications, including flooring, paint, countertops and more. There might be extra charges based on what you want to do, like a custom shower or a wine rack, but it’s one more way you can live your way. Plus, our floor plans range from 3-bedroom, 2-bath homes to studio apartments. You get to make it yours.