For Faith Leaders

An Introduction to Meadowlark’s Resources for Clergy Members

As a faith leader, you have a wide variety of congregants to care for. Each phase in life requires a different type of support. Older adults have a variety of distinct concerns, as do their adult children. To help you better support them, we created this section of our website to provide you with valuable information about those who are navigating the new terrain of aging. These articles are full of advice and resources to support you and your volunteers as you support the older adults and grown children in your faith community.

If we can be of any assistance — whether by offering presentations or answering questions — please reach out. As one staff member put it, “Meadowlark is a very giving facility.”

We also offer a hard copies of these materials, plus hand-outs for your volunteers and congregants. If you would like to request a physical copy of the binder, please contact us or you can download it here.

Resources for Clergy Members and Faith Leaders

  • Bouquet of flowers

    Helping Seniors with Funeral Planning

    Funerals are among the most important and meaningful services you plan. This information will help you discuss the service with the dying as well as their friends and family.

  • Parkinson's program community resource

    Community Resources for Older Adults

    When supporting older adults, you do not need to have all the answers. These community resources offer a variety of programs and services to help.

  • A young woman and an older woman in a wheelchair

    Talking with Aging Congregants

    These practical tips will help you communicate with older adults in your faith community.

  • Talking with an older adult

    Special Considerations of Aging Congregants

    All of us age differently and there’s no one-size-fits all to what that process looks like. However, understanding these common concerns will help you serve the seniors in your community.

  • Seniors on a video call

    Helping Congregants with Out-of-Area Parents

    Often adults live in a different city from their parents. They may need special support as they navigate their parents’ aging process at a distance.

  • Books for older adults

    Literature for Older Adults

    As we age, many adults start asking “big” questions. These titles can help them explore the aging process physically, spiritually and more.

  • Hands and puzzle

    Navigating Later Years

    This article can be used as a handout to support older adults in your congregation. Visiting volunteers may want to share it during their home visits.

  • Helping with laundry

    Tips for Volunteering with the Elderly

    This handout is helpful to volunteers in your faith community foster stronger connections with older adults they visit and support.

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