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Written By Becky Fitzgerald on May 18, 2017

Five residents honored at 15th annual event
In 2004, Sugarland, Texas, resident Don Rasmussen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His doctor at the time wasn’t optimistic. “I hope you have a bucket list,” Don remembers the physician saying. “You won’t be doing anything in five years.”
A half decade later in 2009, Don and his wife, Bea, had been Meadowlark residents for nearly two years, and Don appeared to be nowhere near kicking that metaphorical bucket.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on February 9, 2017

Bayer Pond Nature Area attracts a variety of wild life, and in early February, a moose was spotted! In the United States, moose prefer states such as Wyoming, Utah and Alaska, but our moose has relocated from the Lake Perry area. Next time you visit our pond, watch for him! He stands west of the West Gazebo by the trail leading into the woods. 

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on October 26, 2016

The third time was definitely a charm. By all measures, the 3rd annual HOGTOBERFEST, a FOOD, FRIENDS and FUNdraising event to benefit the Good Samaritan Fund, was a success. Some gift-in-kind and expense amounts are still outstanding, but this year’s revenue was nearly $18,400, a significant increase over the nearly $6000 in revenue realized from the 2015 event.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on October 19, 2016

Harriet HOG, cuddled in resident Sue Hunt’s arms, prompted several patrons to praise her suitability for the 3rd annual HOG & Kisses Contest on Oct. 13 during HOGTOBERFEST at Cox Bros. BBQ. After about six weeks of campaigning, Rev. Cam McConnell earned the privilege of smooching Harriet by raising $3954 in donations, a higher total than any previous kisser. Meadowlark Hills Foundation awaits a few more event numbers, so please check a future Messenger for a full report. Proceeds benefit the Good Samaritan Fund.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on September 21, 2016

Several weeks ago, the possibility of purchasing more grocery-style carts was presented to us. We currently have five of these carts and an anticipated need for five more. The projected total cost is $1,250.

These grocery-style carts allow the user to keep shopping bags at table height, thus making it easy to roll the cart to the kitchen counter and unload shopping bags or other items without needing to bend over to lift the bags. Some residents also use these carts to tote supplies from one place to another within the apartment building.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on September 15, 2016

Eighty-six. 486. $414. $8,671. Put these numbers together, and they add up to another successful Meadowlark Hills benefit auction. On Saturday, Sept. 10, auctioneer Vern Gannon and his staff sold 486 items/groups of items for $8,671 in merchandise. Add the $414 of revenue generated at the Auction Café, and the event total is slightly more than $9000! The event was held in the Utopia Room at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, a larger space than our 2015 location (Pottorf Hall).

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on September 15, 2016

3rd annual HOGtoberfest to raise money, awareness for Good Samaritan Fund

 Friends of Meadowlark Hills have a fun and tasty opportunity to support the Meadowlark Hills Foundation’s Good Samaritan Fund when the doors to Cox Bros. BBQ open at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 13. Brothers Bud and Bobby Cox, sons of Meadowlark Hills resident Ellie Cox, pledge to donate 10% of that day’s proceeds to the Fund. 

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on August 25, 2016

HELP us solve this mystery! There was a cash donation given a few weeks ago in the amount of $25 towards the new shopping carts, but we failed to write the name of the donor on the envelope. If this person is you, please contact Monte Spiller at 323-3801 or Becky Fitzgerald at 323-3843. Thank you!


Written By Becky Fitzgerald on August 10, 2016

When Vern Gannon speaks, people listen. The local auctioneer’s talent for fast talking will be on display Saturday, Sept. 10, at the 2nd annual Meadowlark Hills Benefit Auction planned for the Utopia Room at St. Thomas More Catholic Church, 2900 Kimball Ave.  Proceeds benefit the Meadowlark Hills Foundation’s Good Samaritan Fund, which assists residents in Meadowlark Hills healthcare households who have outlived their financial resources. Once again, Gannon is donating his time and that of his staff members so that more auction revenue will go toward the fund. 

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on June 1, 2016

Holiday LIGHTS! Bring your CAMERAS! A variety of ACTION awaits when the Meadowlark Hills Travelers visit Oklahoma City and the Grapevine, Texas, area in early December. A five-day/four-night tour planned for Nov. 30 through Dec. 4 has been designed to put you in the holiday spirit by enticing your five senses. There will be twinkling lights and holiday exhibits to see, live performances to hear, locally made food and wine to smell and taste – Grapevine is aptly named! – and artisan-made items to touch.