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Written By Annie Peace on December 12, 2014

Q: Tell us again how to recycle as in what numbers on plastic we can consider recycling. And, where do we put it and how it must be bagged if that is necessary. Who picks it up and when? And, what if it can’t be recycled?

Written By Annie Peace on November 26, 2014

Q: How long should we keep items of importance, i.e. Income tax returns, bank statements, credit card receipts, and what should we shred?  Also, how do we decommission a computer before getting rid of it?

What a great question for this time of year as tax season approaches! Each of us probably has a stack of documents we are gathering in preparation of filing our taxes, and some of us may even have years’ worth of previous filed tax returns lurking in our filing cabinets. So, how long should we maintain these documents? 

Written By Annie Peace on November 13, 2014

Q: Where did a lot of the things go that were taken to the Market that never made it to the market?

Here is what I learned. Donations are received year-round for the Market. When a donation is received that the staff believes could be used right away, the donation is offered to the team that is seeking an item.

Written By Annie Peace on October 15, 2014

Q: Is it necessary for a resident to contact maintenance for service to have their air conditioning/heat filters and the smoke alarm batteries changed or are they on a schedule? 

Written By Annie Peace on October 2, 2014

Q: Several of the Osher Learning Institute programs will be at the Manhattan Arts Center. Will there be a Meadowlark Hills bus trip for residents so they can attend? Also the trip to the zoo through Osher— does it require walking very far?

Written By Annie Peace on September 18, 2014

Q: Annie the question came up in Town Meeting about sugar-free and no-sugar-added desserts.  What is the difference, why does it matter and how is one to know?

Written By Annie Peace on September 11, 2014

Q: Annie you mentioned there will be an additional menu, will you explain that further?

Written By Annie Peace on August 28, 2014

Q: What is this Ice Bucket Challenge all about?

Great question. Some of you may have witnessed or assisted in several staff members participating in this challenge here on campus. Perhaps you saw our very own Lonnie Baker featured in the Manhattan Mercury participating in the challenge.

Written By Annie Peace on August 21, 2014

Q: Which K-State football games are televised and will these be showing in the Game Room and Pub?

Written By Annie Peace on August 7, 2014

Q: What are those trees on the West side of the building that have just recently bloomed ?