Ron Williams


Written By Ron Williams on January 25, 2019

I am comfortable in our little two room apartment. I am warm and comfortable, watching T.V., wrapped in a blanket, and have been to a program in the Community Room next door earlier this evening. It is cold blowing and snowing outside. However, I remember that our comfort, for all 370 some of us, comes with a price to others. On a cold morning after a snow we hear with appreciation the snow shovelers and scrapers and they are out in the cold and snow.

Written By Ron Williams on January 18, 2018

Some folks may know I was once on the Meadowlark Board, representing Blue Valley Church. At one meeting Steve Shields made a statement something like this. “It is one of my dreams that the staff of Meadowlark Hills will look on their jobs as servants in a huge southern stately mansion. I hope that will give that kind of care to the residents.”