Becky Fitzgerald


  • HOG-size Prize: Early Ticket Buyer Wins with Annual Cash & More Raffle

    By Becky Fitzgerald on November 2, 2022

    The call Carol Shanklin received last Friday afternoon was a first for her. A ticket with Shanklin’s name on it was the first one drawn in this year’s Cash & More Raffle, meaning she won a squeal-worthy $2000! Posing a few hours later with a big check and Happy, our pink HOGtoberfest mascot, Carol was all smiles and said “I have never won any sort of drawing before!”

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  • Happy HOG, the HOGtoberfest mascot, has selected her raffle ticket. Don't miss your chance to be a winner!

    High on the HOG: October Ushers in HOGtoberfest Season

    By Becky Fitzgerald on October 5, 2022

    Oink! Now that the calendar has turned to October, temperatures are cooling, but activities to benefit Meadowlark’s Good Samaritan Fund are just heating up. It’s HOGtoberfest season, and Meadowlark Foundation has four squeal-worthy announcements!

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  • Trail Project Update

    By Becky Fitzgerald on September 26, 2022

    Because of many generous donations to assist with paving Meadowlark's loop trail, a section stretching from Stillman Cemetery to the woods of Donner's Way is scheduled to be paved. This summer, grading and paving was completed from the west side of the bridge near the CenterPointe Physicians office to Donner's Way. This work also included walkways north of the community garden and from the trail to the physicians office parking lot. 

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  • Wamego Telecommunications Company representatives met with members of Meadowlark’s leadership team to present a donation to support this year’s Paving the Way campaign. Standing on one of the Loop Trail bridges is (from left) Lonnie Baker, Meadowlark CEO;

    Partner in Paving: New Corporate Friend Supports Trail Project

    By Becky Fitzgerald on August 10, 2022

    Meadowlark Foundation’s loop trail project recently piqued the interest of Wamego Telecommunications Company, Inc., better known locally as WTC. Exhibiting a longtime philosophy of giving back to the communities they serve, WTC leaders this week presented a total of $10,000 toward the Paving the Way campaign — $5000 from WTC and another $5000 on behalf of the company from its lender, CoBank of Greenwood Village, Colo. 

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  • Paving the Way Progress: Ribbon of Concrete Appears on Loop Trail

    By Becky Fitzgerald on June 23, 2022

    After years of mostly foot traffic created by two- and four-legged mammals, the ground east of Meadowlark Valley has been altered beginning last fall by the wheels of progress. The CenterPointe Physicians Building opened last December, the Community Garden and a new shed appeared this spring, and a two weeks ago, the first concrete was poured on the southeast section of Meadowlark’s Loop Trail. A curving paved pathway now extends from the Valley cul-de-sac to the wooden bridge north of the doctors’ offices.

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  • Grow Green Match Day Total Grows Again

    By Becky Fitzgerald on May 12, 2022

    Meadowlark's Grow Green Match Day total received a boost earlier this week when Greater Manhattan Community Foundation recognized a gift planned for Meadowlark had been assigned on April 22's Match Day to a different organization. The new number of donors is 80, and the contribution total on Match Day is $66,645. In addition, the event prompted $2200 in gifts that came directly to Meadowlark Foundation, so support for nursing scholarships now totals $68,845! A match of $10,000 remains unchanged and will be added to Meadowlark's endowed fund at GMCF. 

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  • Support for Meadowlark Trail

    By Becky Fitzgerald on May 12, 2022

    A few Meadowlark residents have approached Becky Fitzgerald, Development Director, in recent weeks, asking if the Foundation still is accepting donations toward Meadowlark's trail project. Their follow-up question has been: If I donate, will my gift be matched? The answer to both questions is YES!

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  • Thank You, Meadowlark Friends!

    By Becky Fitzgerald on April 29, 2022

    Hip! Hip! HOORAY!! The 10th annual Grow Green Match Day, hosted last Friday by Greater Manhattan Community Foundation, was Meadowlark Foundation’s best ever in terms of the amount of funds raised. According to the Leaderboard at, 79 friends of Meadowlark contributed $66,295! In addition, $2,200 prompted by Match Day and our effort to enhance our Nursing Scholarship Program was sent directly to Meadowlark Foundation.

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  • FUN, FUN, FUNds!: Trail campaign goal achieved with Paving the Way Carnival

    By Becky Fitzgerald on April 22, 2022

    The fortune-teller who sat in a quiet corner of the Manhattan Room couldn’t have said it better. Inviting attendees to trade a ticket for words of wisdom and a gaze into her crystal ball, resident Sue Hunt channeled her inner prognosticator during last Friday’s Paving the Way Carnival. What did she predict? Happy trails for everyone!

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  • Meadowlark Staff Benefit from Grow Green Giving

    By Becky Fitzgerald on April 14, 2022

    Grow Green Match Day on Friday, April 22, is an incredible opportunity to make a positive impact in our community in general, and among our Meadowlark family, specifically. Just ask Julie Fowler, Jessica Pagan, and Auja Saunders.These three Meadowlark employees were recently awarded nursing scholarships thanks to the generosity of Meadowlark’s Grow Green donors in 2021. This annual day of giving to benefit local not-for-profit organizations is sponsored by Greater Manhattan Community Foundation.

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