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Written By Sarah Duggan on September 3, 2015

Meadowlark Hills Goes to Speedy PD!

Congratulations to Michelle Haub, Parkinson’s Program Leader at Meadowlark Hills, on another successful Speedy PD Race for Parkinson’s Disease! More than 700 people participated in our seventh annual event and the race raised over $60K in cash and in-kind donations to benefit the Meadowlark Hills Parkinson’s Program.

Written By Sarah Duggan on August 27, 2015

Let’s eat!

It’s a little known secret that there are not two, not three, but five dining options at Meadowlark Hills! I am of course talking about Prairie Star Restaurant which hosts three of our dining choices (dine in, carry out or delivery). The fourth is Verna Belle’s Cafe – a great place to pick up a specialty coffee or delicious breakfast burrito (the special on Wednesdays!) and the fifth is the Kansas Room Pub & Lounge.

Written By Sarah Duggan on August 20, 2015

Mama & Daddy Gettin’ Outta Dodge!

Questions have slowed down lately in the Ask Sarah box – remember to submit your ponderings at the Hospitality Desk (or stop by my office, send a text, leave a voicemail or shoot over an e-mail) and I will find the answers, or lose my breath trying!

Written By Sarah Duggan on August 13, 2015

Great News!

Written By Sarah Duggan on August 6, 2015

The Pot

You know that if residents don’t use their $150 credit during the month, then they lose it. But, where does the leftover money go?

Written By Sarah Duggan on August 4, 2015

There's No Place Like Home

The Duggans have returned home after spending a couple weeks with our family in New York. What a fun-filled family vacation! Murphy really enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the city, and man was she spoiled by her NYC family.

What are the top five greatest things about returning home from an awesome trip away?

#5: Sleeping in your own bed! There is nothing like sleeping in your bed, on your sheets in your house. Ahhh…

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 23, 2015

Fuhgeddaboudit – From the Big Apple to the Little Apple

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 16, 2015

Greetings from somewhere between Manhattan, Kansas and Dayton, Ohio! The Duggans are headed to upstate New York for the annual O’Shea Family Reunion (my grandmother-in-law’s family) via car on the wide-open highway. Keep us in mind as we take our first long road trip adventure with Murphy Rose, who turned one Thursday, July 9!

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 9, 2015

I’m Here! Now, Where Do I Park My Car?

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 2, 2015

Go Bananas!

Let’s face it, each of us have our way of completing the mundane, daily tasks throughout our lives. Like getting ready for bed, for instance. I hardly ever stray from  my bedtime routine because that is the way I do it – it’s a habit and I’m comfortable with it.