Ask Sarah

By Sarah Duggan on August 27, 2015

Let’s eat!

It’s a little known secret that there are not two, not three, but five dining options at Meadowlark Hills! I am of course talking about Prairie Star Restaurant which hosts three of our dining choices (dine in, carry out or delivery). The fourth is Verna Belle’s Cafe – a great place to pick up a specialty coffee or delicious breakfast burrito (the special on Wednesdays!) and the fifth is the Kansas Room Pub & Lounge.

The full restaurant menu is available for ordering in the Kansas Room Pub & Lounge. Order your appetizers or meal from the bartender and be served right in the Pub! And forget about settling up your bar bill before heading into dinner in the restaurant. Now residents and their guests can close out at the end of the meal in either the Pub or Restaurant instead of ringing out twice!

Maybe I’ll see you in the Kansas Room Pub & Lounge, Prairie Star Restaurant or the Café. See you next week and thanks for stopping by!