Ask Sarah

By Sarah Duggan on September 3, 2015

Meadowlark Hills Goes to Speedy PD!

Congratulations to Michelle Haub, Parkinson’s Program Leader at Meadowlark Hills, on another successful Speedy PD Race for Parkinson’s Disease! More than 700 people participated in our seventh annual event and the race raised over $60K in cash and in-kind donations to benefit the Meadowlark Hills Parkinson’s Program.

Among those 700 people (and many volunteers) were a plethora of Meadowlark Hills employees and residents. The Meadowlark Hills team boasted 48 people, including staff, residents and family members. I would like to send a BIG thank you to the following:

Monte Spiller, Resident Services Leader, for bringing supplies from Meadowlark Hills to Tuttle Creek State Park in the early hours of Saturday morning. He stayed to help set up, hand out medals on kids crossing the finish line, tear down and return supplies to MLH.

Becky Fitzgerald, Development Director, for helping with registration the night before the race, helping set up at the race and staffing the donation booth during the race.

Jayme Minton, Support Services Director, for helping many MLH residents from the households get to the event via Meadowlark Hills transportation.

Chris Nelson, Financial Services Director, for setting up, helping to direct traffic, tearing down and assisting with returning supplies to Meadowlark Hills.

Jeanette Wagner, Home Health Case Manager, and Donna Alexander, MLH resident, for volunteering to assist at a water stop.

Meadowlark Hills transportation for ensuring the timely and safe arrival of residents to Tuttle Creek State Park and back home again.

Sloan House staff members – Carrie Scott, Katie Gray, Laurel Burton and Kilie Unrein – for assisting residents in completing the 5K!

All household staff members who supported resident attendees and participants in getting ready and heading out to the event. (There were so many – I lost count!)

Jeff Heidbreder for recruiting and organizing a stellar team of 48 people to enter the race.

Team Meadowlark Hills for participating in the event to support a great cause! Each of the team members participated in one of the following: 5K Run/Walk, 10K Run or the Half-mile Family Fun Run. The Meadowlark Hills team included the following people: Max Braasch , Deidra Miller, Bryan Miller, Caleb Miller, Diane Mies, John Mies, Alyssa Chabrier, Ryan Bonilla, Kristin Bribiesca, Michael Bribiesca, Christine Norris, Ruth Wells, Shana Carradine, Claudia Gordon, Kelly Miller, Alexandria Anderson, Nadine Bostic, Cheyenne Strunk, Trudy Strunk, Tom Strunk, Tim Strunk, Emily Kinder, Sara Hillard, Sophia Hillard, Brianne Heidbreder, Elliot Heidbreder, Lisa Schwarz, Samantha Krause, Stephanie Oldehoeft, Kaitlyn Motley, Karen Baker, Payton Baker, Kierstin Baker, Jayme Minton, Loren Alexander, Bob Crawford, Yvonne Crawford, Mattie King, Traci Bowman, Liz Dudley, Abi Lechtenberg, Margaret Carlson, Judy Enyart, Whitney Krause, Christina Strange, Charles Niernberger, Hannah Glargow and Jeff Heidbreder.

If I’ve missed any Meadowlark Hills staff or residents in my long-winded appreciation, please accept my sincere apologies and ecstatic THANK YOU! See you next week and thanks for stopping by!