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Written By Sarah Duggan on August 31, 2017

When I told Murphy she was signed up for a race she beamed with excitement, shot a fist in the air and said, “I’m going to get a race shirt! And a medal! And a chocolate milk!”

We dream big at the Duggan house.

Murphy ran the half-mile family fun run at the ninth annual Speedy PD Race for Parkinson’s Disease last weekend. When I say she ran, I mean she ran. The whole time.

When Murphy crossed the finish line, she was grinning ear to ear, “I winned Mommy! I winned!”

Written By Sarah Duggan on August 10, 2017

Monday this week felt like a Monday, except this week I was particularly achy and foggy. At first I attributed this to our packed weekend full with activities and traveling to see family, coupled with the fact that Murphy slept in my bed half the night because there was a green ghost in her room.

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 28, 2017

Things have been a little rushed in the evenings at the Duggan household last week and this week. Murphy had swimming lessons at 7 p.m. which means getting home, changed and eating dinner happens at double speed! Edward and I alternated who attended lessons with her in an effort to keep Eilish home, cool and on her bedtime schedule. (All the books say babies thrive on routine—as many adults do, too!) I can sum up the sessions I attended in three words: Proud Mommy Moment.

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 20, 2017

I enjoy cooking, but lately I have really started to appreciate make-ahead freezer meals (prep them for the week, defrost the one you need and go!) and crockpot dinners.

The crockpot has been a long-time favorite of mine, especially in the fall when the leaves start to change and I put a pot of chili on to cook and simmer, blending together all those wonderful flavors and spices.

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 14, 2017

When I married into the Duggan family, I learned about all-day coffee. Up until that point I believed coffee was strictly a morning drink. My dad was the coffee drinker in our house and I never saw him with a cup of coffee outside of the early morning hours. Of course, he could have been at work guzzling the caffeinated wonder bean by the pot, but I would never know that.

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 14, 2017

Summer is in full swing and all around the Meadowlark campus residents, staff and families are soaking up every minute of the season, including parties with friends, fishing and spending time in the great outdoors

At the invitation of Max and Sue Bayer, the Tuttle Creek neighborhood group gathered for a driveway party the evening of Sunday, July 9. Ice cream parfaits and cookies were served. The group enjoyed the cooling of the day and the slight breeze as they chatted non stop! It was hard to leave for home by the light of the beautiful full moon. 

Written By Sarah Duggan on July 6, 2017

On the way home from the Meadowlark fireworks display and Fourth of July celebration, Murphy Rose repeatedly asked the same question over and over. I answered it over and over. Finally, at what seemed like the tenth time, I asked her the questions back. She rattled off the answers quickly and correctly.

“See, you know the answers,” I stated with a smile. Whew, that’s over, I thought relaxing into the seat.

“Mom….” and the same question was asked again. I was at the end of my rope.

Written By Sarah Duggan on June 29, 2017

Ask Murphy not to do something or why she is doing something and lately her answer will likely have an interesting caveat. Because I want to.

“Murphy, why are you standing on mommy’s couch?”

“Because I want to,” Murphy says with her head nodding while maintaining eye contact over the back of the couch willing me to agree with her.

Everything is because she wants to—or doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want to brush her teeth, she wants to eat pasta for every meal, she doesn’t want to potty on the toilet—and then five seconds later she does want to.

Written By Sarah Duggan on June 22, 2017

Life is always changing, but what is it about going back to your hometown that makes you feel like you are 17-years-old again? Even when I roll across the Franklin County line in my grown-up car with my husband and two children, car packed with diapers, extra clothes and goldfish snacks, I still feel like an awkward teenage girl.

Written By Sarah Duggan on June 15, 2017

Making friends can be hard to do—especially when you are on the hunt for “couples friends.” Since Edward and I have been married, we have acquired a few married friends in the area and the process is much like dating. In fact, it is dating.

There are butterflies in the beginning. Will the wives get along? Will the husbands have common interests? Is dinner too forward—should we just start with drinks? Add a whole other layer if kids are involved. That’s more than five personalities to combine for a pleasant afternoon or evening.