Recycling at Meadowlark

By Sarah Duggan on March 8, 2019

   The question remains, can we place additional recycling containers in common areas, such as the Game Room, Billiards Parlor and Kansas Room & Pub and to encourage even more recycling? My short answer is no, but my explanation is a little more lengthy.

   Recently recycling receptacles were added to Verna Belle’s Cafe . Apart from this change, space continues to be a struggle we face every day at Meadowlark— need more space to store items, more space for exceptional events, more space for waiting and more space for exercising. The truth is, we’re tight on extra space around here so it’s up to us to maximize it wherever possible. Although we won’t be putting recycling bins in all the common areas, there are recycling opportunities at Meadowlark. 

   Three recycling dumpsters are stationed around campus—one commingled and one cardboard only are located by the loading dock (across from the Physician’s Office) and one is located in the Miller Place’s northeast parking lot. All dumpsters are picked up by Howie’s Trash Service on Tuesdays. 

   There are also recycling containers located behind the west tower elevators on the first floor of the main building. These are emptied into the large dumpster on a daily basis by maintenance staff.

   Residents living in the duplexes and cottages have the options of utilizing curbside recycling for a monthly fee, which is picked up the second and fourth Tuesdays—the same day as trash pick-up.   

   No sorting is necessary in commingled dumpsters. However, glass can not be recycled in commingled dumpsters or containers. Glass can be taken to Howie’s Recycling Center at 625 S. 10th Street. All boxes should be broken down and flattened before being recycled. Cans and food boxes should be emptied and washed out if needed. Recycled items must be loose in container, not placed in bags.

Acceptable commingled materials: • Newspaper- no rain bags • Catalogs • Telephone Books • Junk Mail • Manila Folders • Advertising Inserts • Office Paper Magazines • Brochures • Corrugated Cardboard • Chipboard (cereal, shoe, cracker boxes etc.) • Paperback Books • Cardboard Egg Cartons & Pizza Boxes (no food) • Shredded paper (in paper bags) • #1 & #2 Plastic containers • Aluminum & tin cans

Items that cannot be recycled include the following— Styrofoam, glass, plastic bags, gift wrap, blueprints, hanging file folders, paper cups, paper plates, tissue paper, paper towels, photos, pet food bags, fertilizer bags, charcoal bags, kitty litter bags, batteries, ceramics, light bulbs. When in doubt, throw it out!

   Recycling is very important to reduce the amount of waste and the negative impact it has on the environment. Reusing unrecyclable materials is another efficient way to keep our planet clean. For example, plastic grocery bags can be used as trash can liners, instead of bubble wrap when mailing packages and even for more groceries next time you visit the store.