From the Land of Kansas

By Polly Ferrell on January 25, 2019

Friday, Feb. 1, we will be the culmination of our tribute to Kansas. The celebration will begin at 7 p.m. in the Community Room. MLH Sunflower Lady, Polly Ferrell, will welcome all residents and friends to the event. Together we will sing our state song, “Home on the Range” accompanied on the piano by Barbara Rees. Esther Headrick has “A Kansas Tale” ready to share. Kerry Wefald, Director of Ag. Marketing at the Kansas Department of Agriculture, will be our featured program. She will share about the state trademark program, From the Land of Kansas. This is a project that promotes and celebrates agricultural products grown, raised or produced in Kansas. You may be amazed at the vast variety of businesses that promote our great state. Now for more big news! We invite each of you to enter the “From the Land of Kansas” contest to find out how many words are hidden in those five words. Please pick up your entry form at the front desk and return it no later than Thursday, Jan. 31. The prize is from the land of Kansas, too, and will be presented at the Friday, Feb. 1, program. See you soon.