It's Christmastime!

By Sarah Duggan on December 21, 2017

We’ve been  learning the art of practicing patience at the Duggan household. This new found focus was driven by the annual raising of our family Christmas tree which lent itself to housing wrapped and tempting presents at its base. Murphy is three-years-old and this is her fourth Christmas, however, it is her first Christmas she has started to connect that some of the gifts under the tree are for her.

I struggled at first to figure out how I explain that the holidays are “here” but it isn’t time for Santa to come and to open our gifts. I have landed on the following statement, which I’ve said at nauseum every day since Thanksgiving, “It’s Christmastime, but not Christmas Day.”

What a conundrum for a young mind, but slowly the concept has taken shape for little Murphy. Its time to set up our decorations, eat treats, watch Christmas movies, read Christmas books and talk about the nativity set that is displayed in the dining room. I have heard her exclaim on her own, “Its Christmastime!”

To me, this is the most wonderful time of year. Its full of great food, traditions, giving, receiving and spending time with those we care about most. I am looking forward to celebrating Eilish’s first Christmas alongside my nephew who will also be experiencing his first holiday season. Although Eilish and Will won’t remember this year, it will hold an extra special place in my heart.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. May time stop just for a moment to allow us to soak in all of the wonderful moments. Life is always changing.