Mix & Match

By Sarah Duggan on November 22, 2017

Getting out the door to go anywhere at my house is an extreme sport played over what feels like several hours. After all the organizing, dog feeding, kid dressing and teeth brushing, I may have five minutes to pick a clean outfit and splash on some make up for myself. It doesn’t seem to matter what time I get up—it always comes down to five minutes.

Tuesday morning I arrived at work, turned on my computer and sighed. This is when I took an accurate inventory of my current state and what I found were my black dress pants covered from top to bottom and front to back in fuzz. A classic palm-to-face moment. A few strips of scotch tape and I was back in business.

Fast forward a couple hours to our noontime board meeting where I effortlessly chatted with Lisa Sisley, the Foundation board chair.

“Oh, Sarah,” she exclaimed, “did your earrings come like that? Or did you do that yourself? They are just darling!”

Fumbling to feel what earrings I had selected today, because I certainly couldn’t remember, I said, “Oh they ….”

Second palm-to-face moment. I had two very different earrings on. “Oh no—it wasn’t on purpose.”

We had a good chuckle as I explained to her that when you have to get two other humans out the door every morning sometimes matching earrings for yourself falls to the end of the priority list.

My goal tomorrow is to show up at my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner with not only both my kids and husband, matching shoes and side dishes to share, but with my sense of humor firmly intact. Family time can bring the same craziness as trying to get out the door on a Monday morning, but keeping my smile seems to be the key to a successful day.

I’m thankful for a place to enjoy a meal, people to spend time with and friends who will let you know when your accessories don’t match. I wish each of you a happy Thanksgiving and remember, life is always changing.