Verna Belle's Renovation progress

By Becky Fitzgerald on September 21, 2017

The renovation progress in Verna Belle’s continues to move forward and remain on schedule. For those who are curious about the work that has been completed so far, here’s a peek behind the plastic!

The concrete half wall that formerly separated the kitchen from the grocery area has been removed and a large support beam has been installed, see photo at right. The wall that was between Verna Belle’s and the adjacent office space has been taken down. The office window and the heating/cooling unit is now gone. A larger window will be installed in its place. The new window will match the existing Café window. In the courtyard a trench was dug to allow for the plumbing for a grease trap.

 Friday, Sept. 15, the crew will start framing in the Café. There will be some noise associated with this work. The framing should only take a couple of days.

The registry party for the Café was Tuesday, Sept. 12. Becky Fitzgerald and Jayme Minton received feedback regarding the proposed chairs, dishes, glasses and a painting called Bazaar Dawn by Zac Barnes. The shower raised $1,997 to help purchase dinnerware, flatware and cookware.

Persons who weren’t able to attend the shower, but who would like to contribute to the Café project are invited to contact Becky Fitzgerald at 323-3843 to see a gift registry. Donations may be paid with cash, check, credit card or added to monthly statements. Please make a donation check to Meadowlark Foundation and write Verna Belle’s on the memo line.