Written By Sarah Duggan on May 25, 2017

The past six weeks were filled with baby snuggles and cries punctuated with the occasional opportunity to sleep. Baby Eilish attended daycare with her sister for the first time on Monday; a bittersweet day for mom. She did great and to tell the truth, I am enjoying spending my days at work with my colleagues and the residents, guests and families of Meadowlark. So ladies and gentleman, I can officially announce…I’m back!

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on May 25, 2017

During a 24-hour period in late April, 866 donors gave more than $400,000 to 51 local non-profit endowment funds. Local business leader and former Meadowlark Hills board member Phil Howe provided matching dollars totaling nearly $190,000, bringing the total raised during the 5th annual Grow Green Match Day to $612,142.78!

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on May 18, 2017

Five residents honored at 15th annual event
In 2004, Sugarland, Texas, resident Don Rasmussen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. His doctor at the time wasn’t optimistic. “I hope you have a bucket list,” Don remembers the physician saying. “You won’t be doing anything in five years.”
A half decade later in 2009, Don and his wife, Bea, had been Meadowlark residents for nearly two years, and Don appeared to be nowhere near kicking that metaphorical bucket.

on May 18, 2017


Submitted by Helen Roser

Though two hundred year old wine needs a cool, dark place, the now famous “world’s most expensive bottle of wine” was on display in a sunny window with a spotlight beaming on it.

The hilarious true account of what happened at the auction in England was written by a wine expert who knew the men involved.  Christie's’ was going to auction a bottle of wine that had been owned by Thomas Jefferson. Its cork was covered by a wax seal and the J was on the label.

Written By Sarah Duggan on May 11, 2017

I am wrapping up my fifth week of maternity leave with sweet baby Eilish. When Murphy was born nearly three years ago, I took the same amount of time off, six weeks, but the shock of sleep deprivation, overwhelming new lessons and constant flow of visitors made the time off fly by and end up a complete blur. This time around has been a whole new experience. I was prepared for the sleepless nights and days.

on May 11, 2017


Submitted by Sue Hunt

I hope to hostess a lemonade, cookie party after a ride in the carts to the gazebo.  I will be able to identify some flowers and we will be able to spend one half hour in the pond area and be given a ride back.  With the asphalt paths, walkers are able to be used.  If you would be interested in the activity, please let me know so I can notify you when the trip is planned.

Sue Hunt

Phone:  (785) 539-6069

Address:  2003 #6 Meadowlark Rd


on May 11, 2017

Lisa Lawton!!!!  Congratulations Lisa for being nominated and winning the MLH Leader of the Pack for May 2017!!!  Lisa’s nomination stated, “Lisa always shows up to work with a smile on her face ready to work. She shows the utmost compassion and empathy towards all the residents and treats them as if they were family. I always know it is going to be a great shift when she shows up and the residents are in good hands. She always shows up ahead of time to get report and takes the time to check on every resident after report is received to see if anything needs to be done for them.

Written By Nathan Bolls on May 4, 2017

Plants also have histories, and some of them are spectacular.  During the next 2-3 months I hope to make a short exploration into the medicinal uses humans have made of certain plants.  Some of them, e.g., the western yarrow prairie wildflower have had a significant impact upon human life.  The western yarrow, mentioned in last month’s OE article, found in our MLH prairie, and which begins blooming in early or mid-summer, is a member of a famous plant group.  One or another species from this group can be found in prairies, meadows, and open woods on all northern continents.

Written By Sarah Duggan on April 27, 2017

What is that people say...? Oh yes, "All good things must come to an end." A bittersweet expression that holds a disturbing amount of truth. We've reached a point in the year that we must send off another amazing individual who has been a pleasure to work with over the past few months. Our Community Relations intern, Shannon Conover, will complete her internship with us tomorrow, April 28.