on November 15, 2018

Alzheimer’s Association Central and Western Kansas Chapter announced the 7th Annual Duane Smith Caregiver Award at the 2018 Kansas Education Conference on Dementia in Wichita Tuesday, Nov. 13. Resident Kay Shanks was recognized as a caregiver who supports individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. Duane Smith passed away in October and  his daughter, Becky, presented the award on his behalf.

Written By Polly Ferrell on November 15, 2018

For over 50 seasons of Christmas, I reminded each of my family members about the true Light, by giving them their own personal light. It started when my children were very young and were fascinated by flashlights. I gave each of them a pen light and the tradition began. As the years flew by, the grandchildren were also gifted with flashlights. Each year everyone wondered what the next year’s flashlight would be like.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on November 7, 2018

Our 5th annual FOOD, FRIENDS and FUNdraising event to benefit the Good Samaritan Fund generated $24,765.64 in revenue! This number is a few thousand less than 2017’s total, but more
sponsors, higher Cox Bros. BBQ sales, a generous 50/50 Raffle winner and fewer expenses equal a larger net profit ($21,897.53) than 2017’s tally ($20,985.23).

Written By Nathan Bolls on November 7, 2018

   Lots of people like the smorgasbord fashion of dining, at least occasionally.  But another smorgasbord exists, and it’s all around us 24/7/365 & 1/4th.  The menu varies with the season, but it occurs throughout our campus as well as our rural hills and valleys.  Wild animals dine, without reservations, both night and day, and on an endless variety of goodies, depending upon the species—and time of year.

Written By Nathan Bolls on October 24, 2018

We soon will lose our summer umbrella of living shingles: the marvelous evolutionary development we call the green plant leaf. In addition to the leafs' essential process of photosynthesis, they offer shade to plants, animals, and soils in thousands of different ways.

   But leaves, even on conifer trees, are temporary structures. For deciduous trees, we celebrate this ephemerality by looking forward to the change in leaf colors—our palette of fall--knowing full well that color change is related to leaf drop and death.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on October 24, 2018

We’re just a few weeks into fall, but it’s not too early to think about spring. Meadowlark’s travel program began in the fall of 2004 with a trip to Branson, and for our 20th adventure, Monte Spiller and I are as giddy as Sesame Street characters thinking about the letter “A”. Again working with a Canadian travel agency, we’ve put together five days and four nights, primarily in Arkansas.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on October 24, 2018

Kansas Room Pub-goers and Meadowlark’s Art Committee have long been united in their wishes to add art to the pub that reflects the vibrancy of the space. The landscape painting that previously hung on the west wall is lovely, for sure, but many thought it was too tranquil for the boisterous atmosphere of our Wednesday ice cream socials and our nightly cocktails and conversation.

on October 24, 2018

Talented at helping people save and spend their money wisely, five local and area financial advisors are inviting us to join them in investing in the future of Meadowlark residents. These generous professionals are contestants in a HOG & Kisses Contest and are asking their friends, family, coworkers, colleagues and Meadowlark stakeholders to help them raise money for the Good Samaritan Fund. The contest is a feature of the 5th annual HOGTOBERFEST, set for Thursday, Oct. 25, at Cox Bros. BBQ.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on October 24, 2018

Four paintings by current Meadowlark residents are on display this month on the wall opposite the Game Room. Elaine Manges, Apt. 213, and June Myers, 1220 Meadowlark Circle, answered the Art Committee’s call for artwork to be hung in this temporary exhibit space. All four pieces are watercolor paintings. The Art Committee’s plan is to use the temporary exhibit space to display new art, either purchased or donated for Meadowlark’s collection.

Written By Sarah Duggan on October 24, 2018

All four members of the Duggan family participated in the tenth annual Speedy Pd Race for Parkinson’s Disease on Saturday, Aug. 25, at Tuttle Creek State Park. Murphy Rose was delighted with her halfmile family fun run performance and celebrated with a delicious sno-kone at race headquarters. She looks forward to “her” race every year and I enjoy watching her determined face as she sprints toward the finish line.