Spheres are Here!: Successful Clean Air Campaign Brings Biotechnology to Meadowlark

By Becky Fitzgerald on February 11, 2021

Despite Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of six more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day 2021, Meadowlark residents and employees have the hope of a healthier spring as the six-week Meadowlark Clean Air campaign comes to a successful conclusion. As of Tuesday, Feb. 2, nearly 60 friends near and far had contributed toward the purchase of Dry Hydrogen Peroxide (DHP) technology, which has been proven to safely and effectively mitigate viruses, bacteria, mold, and insects, both in the air and on surfaces.

In early December, Meadowlark residents Duane and Pat Miksch offered to help equip Meadowlark’s licensed living areas and community spaces with the Synexis Biodefense System. Synexis, a Lenexa, Kan., company, offers three devices to create DHP, and the company’s engineers determined their Sphere unit is the best option for Meadowlark. For optimal air quality, Meadowlark plans to install 132 Spheres.

The Miksches’ contribution coincided with $50,000 each in matching funds from the Butler Family Community Foundation and the Howe Family Foundation, both of which are supporting organizations of Greater Manhattan Community Foundation. The team at GMCF helped publicize the campaign, and another 56 individuals, couples, businesses and foundations answered the Butler and Howe family challenge in a big way. As of Feb. 2, another $110,000 had been donated or pledged, allowing Meadowlark to purchase all 132 Spheres and the replacement parts required to keep them functioning properly in 2021, as well as help pay the electrician fees.

Most of Meadowlark’s Spheres will be hung on walls near the ceiling, and a team of electricians began installing outlets to accommodate the Spheres in late January. Earlier this week, several Spheres could be seen in the Community Center, in the hallways of the east and west apartment towers, and in Wroten House.  It’s expected that all the Spheres will be in place and producing DHP in the next week or two.

Campaign contributors were a mixture of residents, employees, Passport members, family members of current or previous residents, and concerned citizens. The donors’ addresses included three Kansas cities and five additional states.  

Representatives of Greater Manhattan Community Foundation and the Butler Family foundation expressed gratitude for the enthusiasm exhibited for Meadowlark Clean Air.

“Blessings to you all for making this happen,” wrote Vernon Henricks, president and CEO of GMCF. “My heart warms to be around such generous individuals. May God bless you always.”

Shared Brenda Butler, a director of her family’s foundation: “Such amazing news. Success! Thanks for going along with our fast moving match game. What generosity. Congrats, and thank you to all of you at Meadowlark and GMCF.”

The opportunity for matching dollars has ended, but gifts to the project are always welcome and would be used to pay ongoing maintenance or installation fees.  If you’d like to donate by check, please pay to GMCF, write “Meadowlark Clean Air Fund” on the memo line, and mail to GMCF, PO Box 1127, Manhattan, KS 66505.

Please contact Becky Fitzgerald at (785) 323-3843 with any additional questions.