Grow Green Match Day 2019

By Becky Fitzgerald on April 26, 2019

Meadowlark fund grows by more than $26,500! 

  During a 24-hour period on Monday, 58 local non-profit endowment funds received more than $520,000 in private, charitable gifts from supporters. With Greater Manhattan Community Foundation providing a 50% match to eligible donations ($25 to $1000), the total raised during the 7th annual Grow Green Match Day tops $780,000!

  The event, held on April 22, was sponsored by GMCF. Donors were invited to make a donation in person at the Colony Square office building on Poyntz Avenue or online through the Grow Green website. The 58 contributions made to a Meadowlark Foundation endowed fund with GMCF were among 2639 gifts on Match Day. Meadowlark’s donation total is $17,475. Assuming all of our donations are eligible for matching funds, the donation total grows with a match of $8,737.50.

  But wait! There’s more! The name of Passport member Tom Holder and names of residents Angie Fryer and Ellie Cox were drawn for an hourly prize or $100, meaning Meadowlark Foundation’s total was boosted by an additional $300. If you’re counting, you’re realizing our grand total for Match Day 2019 is expected to be $26,512.50!

  The donation total of $17,475 must go into our endowed fund with the community foundation, but we have flexibility with the match and prize money. The Foundation’s Board of Directors are expected to determine how to allocate the additional $9,037.50 at their May meeting. In year’s past, they’ve voted to put our match money into an invested account benefiting the Good Samaritan Fund and into a staff development/training fund.

  On Match Day, participating organizations could track their progress on the Grow Green website. With all of the donations counted, Meadowlark Foundation placed 9th among the 58 organizations/funds in terms of the amount raised. (We placed 10th out of 55 agencies last year.) Seven organizations, including Shepherd’s Crossing, Manhattan Emergency Shelter, and Flint Hills Bread Basket exceeded $20,000 in donations and received the maximum match of $10,000.

  Thank you to everyone who joined me in making our green grow significantly! Your generosity helps ensure our organization’s long-term success. Meadowlark fund grows by more than $26,500!