Autumn or Fall, its all a delight!

By Sarah Duggan on September 21, 2017

Summer as we know it is over (the first day of Fall technically isn’t until Sept. 22), and school has started again. This change ignites an almost daily question at my house, “Is it Halloween today?”

Fall brings many wonderful things, including Halloween. Beautiful Autumn leaves, cooler temperatures and everything pumpkin. Murphy and Eilish have big plans this Halloween. Murphy plans to be a witch, “Not a nice witch, Mom. A SCARY witch!”

I know its impossible for an adorable three-year-old to actually pull off being a scary witch; anything she chooses will be just cute as a button. But I’m no dream crusher, so a SCARY witch it is.

Eilish is going to ring in her first Halloween as the most adorable little black cat. I wonder how long I can get away with coordinating their Halloween costumes together…?

At Meadowlark we are gearing up for another exciting fall and holiday season. Of course, this will include our traditional events such as, HOGtoberfest, hosting trick-or-treaters, Thanksgiving dinner in the restaurant and Christmas Carousel. But don’t forget to also keep your eyes peeled for items like the Fall Prevention Seminar, cleverly planned for the first day of fall, and Flu Shot Clinics. The dates and times for flu shot administration on the Meadowlark campus will be available in the next few weeks.

Then, of course, the season always brings the possibility of finding yourself in a discussion on which term is correct to label the season between summer and winter. Some prefer fall and others prefer autumn. I haven’t looked too far into why this season has two names and the others are stuck with one, but it seems it could be a golden-child situation and being the oldest of four, it takes one to know one.

The cooler temperatures provide opportunity for even cooler fashion to come out of hiding. It won’t be long before boots, sweaters, scarves and flannel can be spotted all over Manhappiness.

I, on the other hand, am most looking forward to my first pot of chili for the season. And you know what comes after Halloween? That’s right, folks. It will be Thanksgiving before we know it. So here’s to soaking up one of my favorite times of year—Falltumn. Just likes the leaves, life is always changing.