A couple of friends

By Sarah Duggan on June 15, 2017

Making friends can be hard to do—especially when you are on the hunt for “couples friends.” Since Edward and I have been married, we have acquired a few married friends in the area and the process is much like dating. In fact, it is dating.

There are butterflies in the beginning. Will the wives get along? Will the husbands have common interests? Is dinner too forward—should we just start with drinks? Add a whole other layer if kids are involved. That’s more than five personalities to combine for a pleasant afternoon or evening.

Last weekend, Edward and I had a first date with a new couple. They don’t have kids, but live in our neighborhood and Edward enjoys talking with the husband. It seemed like a perfect fit. Then Saturday night came and the wife was thrown into the mix. I couldn’t have been more impressed when she walked in, picked up Eilish and rocked her to sleep while I was finishing preparing our meal. We had an evening full of great (and comfortable!) conversation.

I hope its not too early to say this...but I think this is the start to another great couple friendship.

See you next week and thanks for stopping by!