Ask Sarah

By Sarah Duggan on August 13, 2015

Great News!

I have had the privilege of working at Meadowlark Hills for four and a half years. I joined the team in January 2011 with a couple of different focuses. I worked part of my hours at the Concierge Desk (now the smaller Reception Desk) and the rest as a leader for the front of house staff in Prairie Star Restaurant. When I’m speaking with new employees, I often tell them that I was lucky to start my Meadowlark Hills journey in both of these areas as I was able to meet residents and staff while learning a lot about how our community is organized. Now, as the Community Relations Director, I continue to be involved daily in the activities of the Hospitality team and occurrences in Independent Living.

The faces at the desk have been revolving for a few weeks between myself, Monte Spiller, Magye Loya and Mary Harness. It may seem like we’re pulling deep from the bench to keep the desk functional, but each of us stays up to date on our “front desk training” so we’re able to pull on our skills when needed. The times I am able to help out at the Hospitality Desk are a blessing, and a welcome break in my every day routine.

Another wonderful thing about working at Meadowlark Hills is the opportunity to work in a supportive team environment. I am pleased with our team working together to ensure the needs of our residents, visitors and employees continue to be met.

The great news? Monte has hired two new people to fill the open positions on the Hospitality team! Mattie King will work primarily at the Reception Desk and is scheduled to start Monday, Aug. 17. Robin Irvin will fill the position at the Hospitality Desk and is set to begin Monday, Aug. 24. You will see Monte and I taking turns to train both of the new staff members on the functions of their new jobs. I invite you to stop by and meet Mattie and Robin once they have started with Meadowlark Hills!

See you next week and thanks for stopping by!