Ask Sarah

By Sarah Duggan on August 4, 2015
Sarah and Murphy swimming in the ocean at Coney Island Beach.

There's No Place Like Home

The Duggans have returned home after spending a couple weeks with our family in New York. What a fun-filled family vacation! Murphy really enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the city, and man was she spoiled by her NYC family.

What are the top five greatest things about returning home from an awesome trip away?

#5: Sleeping in your own bed! There is nothing like sleeping in your bed, on your sheets in your house. Ahhh…

#4: Seeing the dogs! Sometimes when we travel to NYC, we take our miniature dauschaunds with us, but this time they stayed home and we missed them. It appears they missed us too, jumping and wagging their tails and licking our faces when we picked them up.

#3: Coming back to work! It’s great to have a break from your daily routine and feels even better once you get back into it. I missed everyone at Meadowlark Hills – staff and residents – and am delighted to return and hear what you’ve all been up to!

#2: Sharing and recording the memories we made! Since this was Murphy’s first trip to NYC, we have a vast amount of pictures to print and put in an album so we can tell her about it for years to come. Until next time, we can reminisce about the great trip we took!

#1: Time to plan the next trip! Once you return from a great vacation, it can be a bit of a letdown. Especially if you spent a long time planning, so setting your sights on the next awesome getaway is something I look forward to after returning from a trip.

There truly is no place like home. Thanks for stopping by – see you next week!