Ask Sarah

By Sarah Duggan on July 9, 2015

I’m Here! Now, Where Do I Park My Car?

The battle continues to rage between developed industrial land and green space. We want to live in harmony with nature and enjoy all it has to offer but where do we park our car once we get there? At Meadowlark Hills, parking is a hot commodity on any regular old day. Throw in a highly anticipated renovation and it becomes an absolute scarcity! Between the over 350 residents, over 400 employees, guests and families it can become quite the challenge to find a place to park on our busiest days. But who wants to get rid of some of our green space or garden areas to gain a black top parking lot? Not this girl!

In the midst of the construction in Sloan and Honstead House, a large dumpster has been parked in the west parking lot where many employees park and the transportation fleet (The fleet has a total of 19 vehicles!) is parked. As a result, some transportation vehicles have temporarily moved to the parking space next the Community Garden near Meadowlark Circle to keep spaces available for guests and employees in the west lot.

As a result of a full west parking lot on most week days, parking along the streets in areas where the curb is not marked yellow are highly utilized by guests and employees.

Keep in mind, all numbered spots are reserved for residents and all driveways are strictly for use by the residents who live in those cottages and duplexes. Visitors are welcome to park in the visitor parking areas marked with signage near the main entrance and outside of the Bramlage and Wroten building. Visitors are also welcome to park along the streets and in the employee parking areas, such as the west parking lot.

Thanks for stopping by – see you next week!