There's Nothing Like It

on October 17, 2019

Written by Michele Riter, Community Relations Assistant 


“When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang.”

   I believe this quote from one of Shakespeare’s sonnets describes the season of fall perfectly, especially in Kansas.

   Some trees stay green, show yellow and brown hues, or drop their leaves without any chance to become a new color. First, a pigment of chlorophyll—shades of green, fades to carotenoid—yellow, orange and brown. The luckiest of trees have leaves that hang like red rubies against the blue, autumn sky.

   Growing up, I lived next to a neighborhood city park. Every year, the same tree was the first to start changing colors. Sometimes even in the middle of September if the air turned brisk early. All of a sudden, a bright yellow. Then a shade of orange that you knew was about to be something special. Finally, before falling to the ground, a radiant red.

   Autumn officially lasts three months on the calendar, September through November, but it seems to be shorter as the changing colors fade as quickly as they appear.

   As the leaves make an instinctive change, people often feel inspired to initiate their own changes. A new path in a career. Perspectives on relationships. Lifestyle and health choices. Change is the only constant in our lives, so take the time to embrace it.    

   The fall season alludes to a different motivation than the springtime, where we feel energized to de-clutter after a winter’s hibernation. We may instead feel a need for reflection and growth since the year is coming to an end. Just as we stoke the fire on a chilly evening and it starts to glow, we are illuminated of the choices we make.

   This time of year has a charming feel and there’s nothing like it.