Written By Becky Fitzgerald on October 5, 2022

Oink! Now that the calendar has turned to October, temperatures are cooling, but activities to benefit Meadowlark’s Good Samaritan Fund are just heating up. It’s HOGtoberfest season, and Meadowlark Foundation has four squeal-worthy announcements!

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on September 26, 2022

Because of many generous donations to assist with paving Meadowlark's loop trail, a section stretching from Stillman Cemetery to the woods of Donner's Way is scheduled to be paved. This summer, grading and paving was completed from the west side of the bridge near the CenterPointe Physicians office to Donner's Way. This work also included walkways north of the community garden and from the trail to the physicians office parking lot. 

Written By Michelle Haub on September 14, 2022

The last weekend in August brought opportunities for the Manhattan community to learn more about Parkinson’s disease, participate in exercise, and obtain a first-hand look at people living life with endurance.   

Written By Jana Armfield on August 31, 2022

Last week, Meadowlark Ambassadors hosted a campus-wide food and hygiene drive to benefit the Blessing Boxes of Manhattan/Riley County.

The drive was inspired by Meadowlark team member Michelle Lawson, who had seen a recent news article that mentioned how numerous Blessing Boxes were turning up empty due to rising food costs and continuing effects from the pandemic. 

Written By Nathan Bolls on August 31, 2022

One of the many discouraging facts of our time is that several authorities agree that of the number of birds present across our country in 1970, three-out-of-four of them no longer exist, an average of a seventy-five decline for all species—more for some species, less for others. And this includes two species once very common and familiar to us: the eastern and western meadowlarks. 

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on August 10, 2022

Meadowlark Foundation’s loop trail project recently piqued the interest of Wamego Telecommunications Company, Inc., better known locally as WTC. Exhibiting a longtime philosophy of giving back to the communities they serve, WTC leaders this week presented a total of $10,000 toward the Paving the Way campaign — $5000 from WTC and another $5000 on behalf of the company from its lender, CoBank of Greenwood Village, Colo. 

Written By Michelle Haub on July 28, 2022

Typically, when people think about Parkinson’s disease, they think about the tremor (shake), but this is only one part of the disease that affects a person’s life. Shuffling gait, depression, apathy, constipation, and small handwriting are a few more of the symptoms that can disrupt quality of life for the person with Parkinson’s and his or her care partner(s). For 16 years, the Meadowlark Parkinson’s Program has been providing free education, exercise, outreach and engagement for people affected by Pd. How can these services be offered free of charge?

Written By Nathan Bolls on July 7, 2022

If human assumption is correct, one of the birds that blesses our lives (but seen here only infrequently) is totally unaware that its name and one of its primary personality traits were immortalized in the 1960 Pulitzer prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, and in a critically-acclaimed 1962 film of the same name.

Written By Sarah Duggan on June 27, 2022

Ascension Via Christi Hospital and Meadowlark invite all Manhattan-area healthcare professionals and their families to a free concert in the park on Saturday, Aug. 13. The concert will run from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the Larry Norvell Band Shell in Manhattan City Park.

Healthcare workers can enjoy rock-and-roll music by Crosswind. The band was first organized in 1978 and will be inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame in July 2022.

Written By Becky Fitzgerald on June 23, 2022

After years of mostly foot traffic created by two- and four-legged mammals, the ground east of Meadowlark Valley has been altered beginning last fall by the wheels of progress. The CenterPointe Physicians Building opened last December, the Community Garden and a new shed appeared this spring, and a two weeks ago, the first concrete was poured on the southeast section of Meadowlark’s Loop Trail. A curving paved pathway now extends from the Valley cul-de-sac to the wooden bridge north of the doctors’ offices.