How to Plan for a Stay at Bramlage House

As you prepare to recuperate from a surgery or hospital stay, you want to be focused on your recovery. A stay at Bramlage House will let you do just that.

What Is Bramlage House?

Bramlage House is our transitional care facility located at the Meadowlark Hills campus. Transitional care provides recovery support and rehabilitation for people as they transition from a stay in the hospital to the time they can safely return home. It’s open to all eligible seniors needing recovery assistance, not just residents of the retirement community.

Bramlage is staffed 24/7 by a team of medical professionals including registered nurses, therapists, social workers, dieticians and fitness specialists, as well as an on-site physician. Together, the Meadowlark team provides specialized care while staying in close communication with your regular physician.

Bramlage House has a very welcoming atmosphere
The most unique thing about Bramlage is its welcoming atmosphere. It was designed with comfort in mind, so guests recovering there feel more at home.

How It Works

Most patients choose to recuperate in a transitional care center such as Bramlage House after a stay in the hospital. Often the outreach is coordinated at the hospital; however, some doctors will suggest patients pre-schedule their stay.

Typically a social worker will reach out to you in the hospital to discuss your recovery options and help you coordinate paperwork, such as a durable power of attorney or insurance. Many people use Medicare benefits to cover their stay; however, some choose a private pay option.

Bramlage House offers a comfortable place for you to recuperate.
If you select to stay at Meadowlark’s Bramlage House, our team will work with the hospital staff to ensure your paperwork is in order. We will also arrange transportation to take you from the hospital to your room at Bramlage.

When guests arrive, there’s a whole team—clinical coordinators who oversee care, registered nurses, social workers, medical aides, and nurse’s assistants—to help you get settled in. We also have physical, occupational, and speech therapists to assist with your recovery during your stay.

Philosophy of Care

At Bramlage, our staff provides individualized care for each guest. For example, the bed height is adjustable, so you can specify what’s comfortable for you. They can even rearrange rooms to help mirror your bedroom at home, so you can practice moving around in a similar layout as part of your rehabilitation.

Additionally, they will work with you on your preferred schedule for medication administration, bathroom assistance, and more.

Because of the welcoming environment, you won’t have a hospital gown. Instead, you’re encouraged to bring comfortable clothes and other items from home to aide your recovery.

For example, if you have shoulder surgery, you can practice working buttons and zippers on your own clothes. Or, if you have a favorite item that’s part of your daily routine, such as a coffee mug,  we encourage you to bring it along so you can practice with the items you’ll use once you’re back at home.


We offer opportunities for you to socialize with staff and other guests. This helps many people feel less isolated and more connected, which helps in their recovery.

One of the most common questions we get is about the food. Bramlage has a full-service kitchen. Guests can dine in their rooms or in our dining area, all on their schedule. You get to select what you’d like to eat and we have dieticians on staff to ensure your nutritional requirements are met. Plus, the food tastes wonderful!


“It’s a beautiful building. There’s a lot of intention in our environment to make people feel at home. And we really work with each guest to cater to their needs and provide individualized care. ”

Jayme Minton, Support Services Director, Meadowlark