Sandra Emley, resident

Don and I decided to get our name on the Meadowlark Hills future resident list in 2001. We had decided to sell our large home with the large yard that was becoming a burden to care for. At that time, we set a date of five years from the time that we put our name on the list. So early 2006, we began to make plans and started downsizing.

We love living at Meadowlark Hills, as it has simplified our life significantly. We can close up the apartment and go to visit friends or family, or just leave on a trip and not worry about leaving things behind. It has actually been a wonderful social experience as well. We love the diversification, not only in residents, but making friends with the employees as well.

I would say Meadowlark Hills has something for everyone. Of course, it is not perfect, as nothing is, but people are always willing to make the changes to accommodate everyone. It is a great place to retire and enjoy senior life.