Mission, Values & Principles


Meadowlark Hills is each resident's home. We are committed to enhancing quality of life by nurturing individuality, independence, values and community.

Values & Principles

  • Each person deserves respect, honor, love, acceptance and dignity.
  • Each person has the inherent right to make decisions about themselves and their own environment, and must be considerate of the impact on self and community.
  • Each person has a need to belong.
  • Life, to be lived fully, must have meaningful purpose.
  • Growth and learning are essential for life and are never-ending.
  • Healthy relationships are the foundation to well-being and successful community.
  • The sanctity of a person's home is paramount to personal well-being and successful community membership.
  • A sense of security in ourselves, each other, and our place is a bedrock of community.
  • Health communities have interdependent connectivity of elders, adults and the young.
  • Financial prudence is a necessary ingredient to mission perpetuity.
  • Diversity enriches the community.
  • Aging is a natural process of human development, beginning at birth and continuing through death.
  • Leadership is the passion for serving others and not a position.
  • Risk-taking is a normal part of life.
  • Music, art, humor and fun make the soul dance.