• Creating Home

    By Sarah Duggan on June 26, 2018

    I remember my grandfather’s mother. She was beautiful, worldly and raised five boys. I recall spending time with her and that I felt happy and engaged when doing so, although I don’t remember a...

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  • Outdoor Opportunities

    By Nathan Bolls on June 8, 2018

       All through the fall, winter, and spring we on campus have been privileged to hear calls of both the barred and great horned owls. Both rank among the largest of owls in North America. Field...

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  • Meadowlark Wellness Olympiad - Germany takes the Gold!

    By Jeff Heidbreder on June 1, 2018

    The 2018 Meadowlark Wellness Olympiad has come to a close! It was a fun six weeks and the participants spent many hours being active. Totaling up the physical activity from all of our participants,...

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  • Legacy Society Banquet

    By Becky Fitzgerald on May 24, 2018

       The C. of C. Clyde Jones’s name stands for Clifton, but it could very well stand for “Community”. A seemingly tireless leader, mentor, consultant, philanthropist, and volunteer, Jones at 95 is a...

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  • Grow Green Match Day 2018

    May 11, 2018

        During a 24-hour period last month, 55 local non-profit endowment funds received more than $528,000 from nearly 1000 donors. Local business leader and former Meadowlark Hills board member Phil...

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  • Grow Green Match Day

    By Becky Fitzgerald on April 13, 2018

    The 6th Annual Grow Green Match Day on Friday, April 20, is a tremendous opportunity for the Manhattan community and Meadowlark Foundation. On that day, donations made through the Greater Manhattan...

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  • Get Up & Get Movin': Meadowlark Wellness Olympiad 2018, sign up today!

    By Jeff Heidbreder on March 22, 2018

    Registration for the 2018 Meadowlark Wellness Olympiad is now open! Registration forms can be found at the Hospitality Desk and completed forms should be placed in the drop box at the same location....

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  • Annual Pig Out event includes raffle prize

    By Becky Fitzgerald on March 22, 2018

    The 8th annual Pig Out for Parkinson’s, benefiting Meadowlark Parkinson’s Program, is set for Thursday, April 19, at Cox Bros. BBQ. A raffle prize is again part of the fun with proceeds also...

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  • Mingle Mania: New event to benefit memory program

    By Becky Fitzgerald on February 20, 2018

    Capitalizing on an extensive art collection featuring well-known local and Kansas artists, Meadowlark staff have joined with several Manhattan community members to plan an inaugural event, Art Mingle...

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  • Servanthood

    By Ron Williams on January 18, 2018

    Some folks may know I was once on the Meadowlark Board, representing Blue Valley Church. At one meeting Steve Shields made a statement something like this. “It is one of my dreams that the staff of...

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